UAE is the happiest nation in the region: World Happiness Report 2020

Admin March 22, 2020

UAE is the happiest nation in the region: World Happiness Report 2020

The UAE has maintained its first place in the Arab world, according to the latest edition of the World Happiness Report for the year 2020.

The global report was unveiled on the International Day of Happiness. The happiness index right now included 153 countries, through which the happiness levels were caught by surveying citizens and occupants to evaluate their general life fulfillment levels.

The UAE kept up its propelled position all-inclusive and outperformed many developed countries and economies in the worldwide report gave every year by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

Abu Dhabi, Dubai lead in ‘Cities Happiness Index’

This year’s report included a special indicator that captures happiness on the city level. The index ranks 186 cities around the globe by assessing city inhabitants’ degree of happiness and their general evaluation of their lives in the city.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai positioned the happiest cities in the Arab area. The significance of this index is underlined by the way that half of the world’s populace are urban dwellers and live in large cities. Cities are also the monetary force centers, as 80 percent of the world’s GDP is delivered within cities.

Wellbeing and the SDGs

The current year’s World Happiness Report additionally incorporated an investigation that investigates the connection between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and wellbeing.

In a near investigation between countries recorded in the World Happiness Index and the Sustainable Development Goals index, the examination indicated an immediate connection between endeavors to accomplish the SDGs and reported happiness levels, where countries scoring driving situations in the World Happiness Index were likewise better entertainers in the SDG index.

The SDG index is a global pointer that screens nations’ endeavors and availability to accomplish the 17 sustainable development goals, otherwise called the Global Agenda 2030.

The examination additionally showed the significance of research to all the more likely understand the connection between wellbeing in social orders and its suggestions on the Global Agenda, particularly ones identified with sustainable utilization and environmental change.