10 Amazing Roads in UAE | Explore the Emirate

Admin January 20, 2020

10 Amazing Roads in UAE | Explore the Emirate

The Middle East is a captivating spot known for its lifestyle, the vagueness of the sand dunes and the intriguing past, still present in the clothing, architecture and food. The UAE, as we probably am aware is made of 7 Emirate brother states. Aside from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are additionally a great deal of other epic places you can discover.

Fujairah: Travel with Nature

Fujairah, is a place that is easily overshadowed by more “happening” places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Fujairah is located just 75 Minutes away from the Great Dubai. But, Fujairah is rich with nice road for trips that is quit different from the tall buildings.

Fujairah is fully lined up with beaches and mountains along the roads. The cost of living too cheaper as compared to other emirates.  The best way to travel through is rental cars.  Snoopy Island is another attraction. If you have time for shopping, just visit Snoopy Island also.

Khasa: The Norway of Arabia

A little fisherman town which is the keep going station of civilization on the Strait of Hormuz, Khasab makes for a fascinating excursion on the weekend.

This place is also known as ‘Norway of Arabia’ it’s a beautiful, scarcely populated area. On the way you can see the Mountains, Sea, Fjord and Dolphins etc. This visit will give you a full of joyful experiences.

Liwa: The true emirate life

A trip in Arabian land is incomplete without some adventures like Sand dunes and camels. LIWA is giving just that only. This town is located around 3 – 4 hours from Dubai. The magnificent sand dunes as far as the eye can see and eye can’t see.

LIWA undoubtedly impress you with its simplicity. On the way, the locals who are super hospitable offers you camel breeding and growing dates

Ras Al Khaimah: The weekend getaway

Ras Al Khaimah is a place loaded with unbelievable natural views. The place is enriched with pristine beaches and mountains on both sides.

The City is located only 1 hr 30 minutes away from the bustling city of Dubai.

Al Ain: Lifetime Adventures

The extraordinary driving street, Jebel hafeet is definitely an absolute necessity do. At standard with Italy’s Stelvio Pass and the Australian Great Ocean Road, this smooth stretch of tar is stacked with unpleasant landscape as you go up the mountain.

Hatta: Exclave of Dubai

The road trip to Hatta be great and there is a lot of water activities and boar rides. The trip will carry you through mountains. You can also walk around and explore the area by foot.

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